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Terrie Beresford


I'm Terrie Beresford, allow me to introduce myself.

It was through my own health crisis whilst working overseas in banking in Tokyo, Japan that I realised there was more to life than money and that Western medicine was not the answer to a long healthy life.

At that time I was sleeping only every second night, had constant stomach pains, anxiety and headaches. Unfortunately due to cultural differences it was difficult for me to find any professional medical or natural medicine options which were effective for me.

It was at this time that I took control of my health and decided to stop processed food, caffeine, sugar and alcohol and take up the regular practice of yoga and meditation. I also quit my well paid banking job and travelled around the world for eight months.

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Health Concerns

Do you suffer from anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches? Or do you just feel your overall wellness could be improved? Is your health issue amongst the list of conditions that New Age Naturopathics can help you with?

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Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal medicines, Homeopathics, Kinesiology, are just a few of the techniques that are used to create your custom designed "Wellness Plan".



To help you honour your mind, body and soul, we have a number of articles full of practical and useful information. Whether you are looking for the latest article, or a specific topic, there will be something of value for you here.

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Feeling your best includes making sure that you eat the right things. New Age Naturopathics can supply you with some great recipes that will help you along your wellness journey.




What Others Have to Say



Lynda Dyer Msc
Mind Power Global,
Certified NLP Trainer & Master Trainer of Matrix Therapies

International Best Selling Author


"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Terrie Beresford as a speaker in a Women’s Business Group, as a Naturopath that I go to, and as a contributing author of many of my International Best Selling Health and Wellness Books. At each event she has delivered with such professionalism, wisdom, knowledge and a unique intuition that is a delight to experience! Terrie’s engaging style results in an experience that is unique, conveying the message of trust and empowerment to all.

Visiting, hearing or reading Terrie’s inspirational and informative information provides people with the tools to implement change in their health and thus their lives.

Terrie is very genuine and brings a lot of realism and practical intuitive thinking to her work. She really connects with everyone. I’m confident that those who apply her advice and knowledge will improve their health and experience like I have. I am happy to recommend her constantly."

Dr. Sherene Suchy (Social Worker)

Author of Bamboozled: Trek Guide to Clients & Experts in Medicine (2018) 

"Terrie Beresford has been a core member of my integrative health team for the last ten years. During that decade, we’ve worked together using herbs, supplements, and naturopathy to maintain a high quality of life following an oncology diagnosis e.g. six months to live. Years later, here we are!

I trust Terrie’s clinical judgment. She bases her practice on multiple qualifications, stays up to date on current advances in the integrative medicine field, and respects the healing power of body-mind-spirit.

I am deeply grateful for Terrie’s valuable contribution to my commitment to living life, not the condition."


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Sleep Enhancing Tips

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Sleep is a necessity, so reducing or avoiding the factors that can negatively impact sleep can be the key to getting the rest you need.

Here are some sleep enhancing tips:

  • Establish a regular bedtime routine and a regular sleep-wake schedule. Avoid studying or working past 8pm in the evening. Good sleep quality is achieved by going to bed before 11pm so aim to be in bed by 10.30pm at the latest;

  • Avoid daytime naps of more than 1 hour as this can adversely affect dream sleep at night. Also avoid napping late in the afternoon (after 4pm);

  • Reduce or eliminate stimulants, i.e. caffeine, cola drinks, coffee and sugar;

  • Limit alcohol consumption as this can promote a disturbed sleeping pattern;

  • Create a dark sleeping environment;

  • Invest in a comfortable mattress and bedding and use natural fibres for sleep such as cotton and bamboo where possible;

  • Reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and wireless networks at night while sleeping. If you need to use your mobile phone as an alarm clock, switch to flight mode;

  • Reduce screen time at night after dark as studies have found that the blue light from mobile phones, computers or television sets reduces levels of our sleep hormone melatonin. There are apps available for this such as f.lux or adjust your lighting settings on your mobile devices;

  • Get regular exercise as regular exercise and particularly activities like tai chi and yoga have been shown to improve insomnia and sleep quality. Aim to exercise at least 4 to 5 times weekly;

  • Increase daytime exposure to sunlight or full spectrum bright light in the morning to regulate your sleep cycle;

  • Find a meditation app that helps you relax, listening to relaxing music, practice meditation or deep breathing before bed. These are all useful for reducing stress hormones and increasing our sleep hormone melatonin;

  • Avoid overeating at night and try to refrain from eating at least two hours before going to bed;

  • Avoid drugs which reduce melatonin: Panadol, aspirin, alcohol, valium, caffeine, Prozac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, nicotine, propranolol, tobacco, Xanax. These should be consumed in the morning or early afternoon.

  • Grounding or earthing yourself by placing your feet on bare ground for a minimum 20 minutes per day can help to promote relaxing endorphins and promote good sleep. Grounding also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and may reduce or normalise blood pressure. Sleeping on a grounding sheet at night or using other grounding devices may also promote restful sleep.

Sweet Dreams

A restful and restorative night’s sleep prepares you for the day ahead and also reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune conditions. Good sleep is also essential for a healthy immune system and to create a healthy mood and reduce anxiety and depression. If you suffer from sleep problems it is important to identify the underlying causes of disturbed sleep, and find the appropriate solution to help you overcome your sleepless nights.