A Naturopathic consultation involves comprehensive case taking in order for the Naturopath to establish a history about the presenting complaint as well as any other health problems both past and present. Each question helps establish a picture to ascertain the underlying cause of the patient’s current health problems.

The patient history along with iridology, computer based assessment tools, muscle testing, pathology testing and other techniques will assist in assessing the current state of health as well as the progress of a patient’s treatment.

Our naturopathic treatment comprises a range of modalities including herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, homeopathics, flower essences, diet changes, stress management techniques, emotional freedom technique, muscle testing, brainwave entrainment and life style changes.

Naturopathic treatment is successful because it treats the person wholistically, i.e. takes into account the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects. In addition rather than just addressing the symptoms it treats the underlying cause of the complaint.



Iridology is the study of the coloured part of the eye, the Iris. It has been used as a diagnostic tool for centuries in China and Europe and was brought to the west by Ignats von Peczeley, a German doctor, late last century. The different shapes, colours and textures visible with an iris torch can offer insight into past illnesses, present problems, in addition to general constitutional strengths and weaknesses.

Each region of the iris reflects a certain part of the body. The centre of the iris displays signs that reveal the health of the central part of the body, the middle regions reflect tissues slightly further out to the periphery and so on. The last region, the skin and circulation, is represented by the border of the iris and the white part of the eye.

The use of Iridology is a highly valuable addition to 'fine tune' a Naturopath's analysis and treatment measures.



Kinesiology is a combination of Eastern and Western medicine to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It originated in the 1960s and is based on the premise that the body has innate healing energy and at all times tries to heal itself, but sometimes needs some extra assistance. It also recognises that there are flows within the body that relate not only to muscles, but every tissue and organ, which can be evaluated by testing the function of muscles.

Muscle testing can identify blockages and correct them with simple acupressure and other corrections to place the body in a better position to heal itself or reach a specified goal by balancing its energies.

It is also useful for identifying foods or other substances, which stress or suppress the body’s natural healing ability, nutritional imbalances, clearing negative emotional patterns, stimulating the integration of muscle groups or improving mental and physical coordination.